Launching in 2021

If you plan to visit Panama but don’t know any Spanish, then Spanglish Panama is for YOU! Don’t stress about not being able to communicate with the locals- we’ve got you covered.

Learn the Spanish words and phrases that are used in Panama, as well as some of their slang, all in the Panamanian dialect. It will make your travels through Panama so much easier and give you the ability to:

  • Ask for directions

  • Know what food is on the menu and how it’s prepared

  • Ask for help

  • How to pronounce the alphabet. Hint: it’s different than Mexican Spanish!

  • Have a basic conversation with locals

  • Be aware of cultural considerations

…and so much more! This ebook is packed with useful information to make your time in Panama as smooth as possible. If you decide to learn more Spanish later, you’ll already have a leg up!

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